Alone Together, by Monica DaMaren

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After years of suffering the effects of emotional and sexual abuse, I have decided to write a book and share my stories, along with my clients, on how we have all overcome our hardships in a positive way. This book is my way of giving back, in the hopes that it may give someone suffering some comfort and guidance. Alone Together is a compelling story of a girl named Stella who, with the help of friends who have heartbreaking stories of their own, slowly realizes her true purpose and takes command of her life. Here is an excerpt… I was standing in my kitchen, leaning against the counter, sobbing hysterically as tears streamed down my face, unable to catch my breath. My stomach was churning, my hands covered my face, and my hair was falling out of my bun. I was crying and I had no idea why. Tears ran from my eyes like water from a dam that had burst and they kept spilling down to the floor. This was a cry that I had been needing to have for many years; a cry that came out of my broken soul. It stemmed from something I knew I had to acknowledge for a long time which I was now ready to deal with. My husband must have heard my heart-wrenching cries as he came to me and put his arms around my shoulders. Slowing the torrent of tears just a bit I looked up at him as he comforted me and said, “Please honey, just let it out, don’t hold it in anymore.” for he knew I had needed to do this for quite a while. I reached for a cloth and buried my face into it. I was very confused, not knowing exactly why I was crying. It went on for hours, sobbing all day. I kept saying, “I don’t know why, I don’t know why I am crying,” shaking my head. Deep down in my soul this explosion of tears had been bubbling just beneath the surface for quite some time. During this crying catastrophe, which I refer to as the end of the pain, I received a phone call from a friend. I had known this friend only a short time but we had connected strongly since the moment we’d met. As I debated whether or not to pick it up, because of the state I was in, my husband encouraged me, “Answer it! He will help you.” I picked up the phone and spoke to my friend, telling him a mysterious piece of my life’s puzzle. I took a deep breath and said, “Years ago, a good friend of mine choked me, and he wanted me to pass out. I was scared and didn’t know if I was going to wake ever again.” My new friend reassured me saying, “It is good to let it all out, expressing the pain and the hurt you felt, whether it’s directly to the other person, or through just getting it out of your system. Doing so will also help you understand what—specifically—your hurt is about. Do not suppress your feelings, get it all out of your system because the truth will set you free.” He gave me some words of encouragement and as always I felt better after talking to him. I was exhausted from fear and was worn out by the demands and beliefs of other people. I was finally crying for the young girl locked inside of me who thought nobody accepted her fully. I didn’t know it at that moment but I was expelling the emotional pain I had been carrying for years. By releasing all of this pain I was finally helping this young girl find her place in the world. I was searching for the one simple answer that would end all my problems and lead me out of this prison of sadness and fear. This one answer would lead me into a joyful life, one that I had only dreamed of living. This is the story about a girl named Stella, who overcame the negative beliefs about herself, and how she changed her perception of who she was in order to start living an amazingly fulfilled life as an adult. Through Stella’s eyes you’ll gain insight into your own life, and discover tools that awaken you to the power you have to reshape your internal beliefs. You’ll learn uplifting lessons that transform your self-image and enable you to: • Develop “internal self-talk” that is positive and life-affirming • Forgive yourself for your past and take responsibility for your actions • Take control of your self-esteem and become your brightest light • Release limiting beliefs that inhibit you from living with passion • Grant yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them Making a difference in people’s lives gives us a feeling of fulfillment, this is why I need your help, and the help of people like you. In honour of the message in this book, I am donating 75% of the net profits to local and international charities, Women in Crisis, Hope House and Women’s Foundation, focusing on the needs of others. It only makes sense that the more books sold, the more money can be donated. When you purchase Alone Together you are helping women and girls move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence. Hope House operates and advocates on the belief that poverty, food insecurity, inequality, health and are all interconnected. To order your copy, go to

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