So You Just Want to be a Rock Star, by Craig Dubecki

Baby Shane, losing his balance, fell sideways onto the sand, finally resting on his stomach. The roaring sound of the wave crashing over his tiny body silenced as it hit his solid matter. Hearing laughter, he pulled his face out of the muck, tilted his sand-covered head to the left following the noise, and was hit with yet another wave. Struggling to find strength, and with his eyes finally clearing of water, he saw hazy images of multi-coloured umbrellas strewn along the beach. People, all females, were lining the beach. They were standing in front of the umbrellas…all pointing down at him and laughing.

“Top! Top!” He was trying to yell at them in his baby voice to stop.

“Doe! Doe way!” He was now squirming in the sand…crying. He wanted them to go away, and yelled again but now in his adult voice. “Go away!”

Shane suddenly felt sand beneath his bare feet. He found himself standing up…facing them. He looked down at his body. Still completely naked but now the size of the full-grown man he actually was. Looking down; he felt dizzy. There was nothing there. Nothing! He wore a baseball glove on his left hand. He reached up and felt something on his head. He pulled it down to see. It was Courtney’s little white hat. He looked at the hundreds of women, all adult sized bodies, but all the same, all with Courtney’s four-year-old head. Their laughter suddenly stopped and in unison yelled out at

Shane, “You are not special like me!”

So, You Just Want To Be a Rock Star is about the life being lived by Shane Wazicki. Standing literally at crossroads in southwest New Mexico, twenty-one year-old Shane Wazicki needs to make a decision. Reflecting on what he has learned in life so far and in particular, the two women he has intimately known but each for very short times; his choices are between Arizona and to his home in Canada. Regardless of which direction he chooses, he is sure that either one will make his dreams coming true along with his heart being happy.

Life is all about choices, decisions and consequences. It's also about adventure and exploration, and that's just what he'll do regardless of which path he takes. At his young and very naïve age, Shane is not afraid to experience them. His one personal dream since he was nine years old, of becoming a professional athlete, has vanished.

Life is meant to be rocked; at least that is what our Creators would like us to believe; more on them shortly. In some ways, like the Parts of this book; phases in life are set up as if you were in a rock band. There is the Audition, and then the Rehearsal followed by the First Set, Second Set and finally the Third Set. You will meet the Creators. In fact, the Creators will briefly touch base with you, the reader, at the end of every chapter because once Shane was put on this planet (for that matter - once we were all put on this planet), it was left up to Shane, and us, to live our lives; with no interference.

However, make no mistake; we are constantly being watched. You, along with the Creators, will become Shane’s Guardian Angel.

There are no promises that life would be easy. Vanishing dreams, promising beginnings, betrayal by trusted friends and loved ones, forever friendships, workplace pressures, shattered self-esteem leading to depression, yet rediscovering oneself and the realization and gratitude for one’s very own gifts and talents; these are phases that many people go through, and without exception, you will see Shane experience each and every one.

So, You Just Want To Be a Rock Star is written from the author’s observation, perception and imagination. The book is fictional; however, it is a collection of real-life adventures/journeys/observations many of you have, or will live though. It is meant to give you hope! Music gives one hope.

Seventy chapters plus one set up chapter; each and every one is titled after the name of a song ranging from Crystal Ball by Styx, to Here I Go Again by Whitesnake, to I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt, to Hide In Your Shell by Supertramp, to James Brown’s Try Me, to Gary Moore’s heart-melting Still Got The Blues For You. Included are two of the author’s originals and the danceable and wonderfully motivating Lifted by Alysha Brilla. It promises to be a power-packed soundtrack. One line from each song is interwoven in the chapter to help you connect with and understand emotionally what is taking place with Shane. After all, is that not what music helps us do; connect with our emotions?

With that very music, his guitars and voice, and a burning passion being the constants to help guide Shane in life, he is soon to ride a wild roller coaster of life to the point of deciding whether or not he should jump off. Shane is trying to endure the ultimate survival game; the game of life.

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