Home is Where the Family Is, by Sandra Wilson

Moving can be difficult for children. They fear the unknown of what is to come and mourn the loss of what they leave behind. I had an idea about how to help kids deal with this change and thought I could put it into a story. I believe that even a fictional story should contain real information for children to learn from. My degree is in History and so I hope to share my love for history in the stories that I write. Putting the two ideas together, a story about moving with a historical approach, I landed on the idea of a Native American girl. I could create a Native character from a semi-permanent tribe and work details of how they lived (longhouse, hunting etc.) right into the story. My work at the Wilson Education Resource Centre focuses on empowering children. Since I am not a visual artist I wanted to look elsewhere to find an illustrator for my book. As it happened, Zoe, one of our members, was interested in trying to illustrate a book. And so, a partnership was formed. Zoe’s mother teaches art classes at the Centre and did one class that showed how to make pictures with clay. After struggling a bit with drawing the characters Zoe’s mom suggested trying to make them with clay. They researched Natives and what they would wear, as well as how a longhouse looked, and Zoe put it all together in clay pictures. I love how it turned out!

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