Unjunk Your Life, by Kimberley Durst

Greetings everyone! Thanks to Lisa for allowing me the privilege of introducing my new book “Unjunk Your Life.” For those of you I haven’t met already, my name is Kimberley Durst. I’m a health coach, teacher and mom to three. I’ll quickly give you the story behind the book and a little bit on my wellness philosophy. I love nothing more than helping people improve the quality of their lives by tweaking their nutrition and lifestyle habits. How we feel is directly linked to how we treat ourselves. It begins with not only what we put into our body but also what we put on our body. In addition, our environment also affects our health and happiness. Many studies have shown the connection between a chaotic, cluttered environment and an increased risk for depression. When we surround ourselves with chaos, it is hard to be zen! Way back when I started on the path to becoming a Registered Dietitian but it was short lived. Long story short, the more I learned the more I realized there was too much dogma. I didn’t agree with one way to health. I believe that just as we are individuals so is our journey. I also had my own personal struggles. It was clear to see that I wasn’t alone. Fast forward past a business degree and a teaching degree, and I finally decided to fully commit to pursuing my health coaching passion. Once my clients started to ask me to summarize my advice, I realized I should just put it into a book. My book is also a journal of sorts. By writing in it, clients have a way to track their progress and that seems to keep most accountable. My MO – it is possible to get and stay healthy without deprivation. Gaining health does not have to mean going without good food. I want to help as many people as possible live their best life and fulfill their potential. This life is not a dress rehearsal; we each have one shot at this precious life. Death is the equalizer. It eventually comes for all of us but until then, let’s make the most of our time. Our health is our wealth. Without it, we are very limited. In the book, I encourage you to be proactive by unjunking all aspects of your life. It is not limited to diet. So many other facets of our life are part of our health. I encourage my clients to quit waiting for the right time or a wake-up call. By making a few small upgrades, we can increase our happiness and reduce our risk of chronic illness. It’s all about quality over quantity. Upgrade everything and start deciding what is really important. I hope you will check out my book and send me your thoughts.

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