Spirit Baby, by Christine Nightingale

A Spirit Baby can be the spirit of a child…not yet conceived, terminated, or miscarried. Or even the spirit of a young child who has died. What happens to a baby who dies very young, but outside the body of its mother? If a child has breathed the air at all, its contract to be with a particular mother and father is completed. This does not mean, however, that it leaves the family. What happens to a soul “on hold” in a body so severely damaged that the body and mind cannot function, as in a severely brain-damaged child? I think the real answers to these questions are nuanced because the relationship between the soul and the body is complex. You may have heard the expression that we are not a body having a spiritual experience but rather a soul having a bodily experience. It is also true that the soul is not inside the body…rather, it is the soul which surrounds the body, with a protective and visible aura which makes any living body (human, plant or animal) glow with an unmistakable light. When the spirit leaves the body, it is not so much emptied as no longer glowing with light. A Spirit Baby can wait very patiently to be allowed to fulfill its role. Time passes differently on the other side, the realm of love and light where those not embodied reside. It is not actually a different place, more like another dimension which is just as close as one’s heartbeat. So sometimes Spirit Babies appear in the aura. A woman of about 50 was having a Reiki treatment. In her aura was a lovely young girl with a very sad expression. She said “Mommy, I have been waiting for you for years. My life task was to be your helper throughout your life. I have been trying to reach you for decades. Are you ready to talk with me now?” The woman told the Reiki therapist that she had had a termination during a previous unhappy marriage. She remarried, and had two children. The mother said she was willing to listen to her daughter now. And the Reiki Master facilitated in this reconciliation. An artist of about 50 confided in a woman who was visiting her studio…she did not know why she did so…that she had terminated a pregnancy decades before. “Oh”, the artist was told, “your baby is right there in your aura, and she is the inspiration for the artwork you do. The inner child, the spirit within that “inspires” you. She looks like a little girl cherub (black of course, like you, her mother.”) Spirit Babies very rarely feel anger at the termination of the body. They just find another way to be of service. They may not need a physical body for that. And they are usually eager to be reconciled with their chosen parents. Bereaved mothers, or future mothers of those not yet conceived, are always able to connect with the soul of their child. It may be in dreams, through music which is meaningful to the mother, through a butterfly alighting on the curtains in the kitchen or some other unlikely place. In Japan is it believed that a soul between lives takes on the form of a butterfly. One woman hoping to become pregnant saw a beautiful and uncommon butterfly in her garden. She texted her husband, who was fishing miles out over the ocean. He saw a butterfly in that unlikely place at the same instant. When a baby is severely brain-damaged at birth, what happens to the soul? My understanding is that the soul is unaffected by any bodily trauma, and can still experience what it needs to of this life. Even if the child never learns to talk or walk there is still some meaning to its life. A truly aware parent may feel the presence of the child’s soul, and the child still has a life purpose…such as helping its caregivers develop compassion, patience, kindness, and unconditional love. One quadriplegic child who never learned to talk had a lovely contagious laugh…everyone in the room would join in. Why was he so happy…and how did he still have this gift to give? It is a mystery, but I would say he was a perpetual Spirit Baby even at the age of 12. Young children who are not yet been conceived or who have passed for whatever reason … termination, mis-carriage or even as babies … can communicate with their parents in hypnotic trance, an altered state of consciousness in which everyday boundaries become more fluid. The spirit of a young child who has died remains part of the family. The spirit will not return to the same parents as their child, for this contract has been fulfilled. They may however become the Spirit Guide to a family member such as a future sibling. And they may also return as a sibling`s child. This is another way of reconciliation with the bereaved family, and having the opportunity to love the same souls in the family again. Christine Nightingale has helped hundreds of couples communicate with their Spirit Babies. www.nightingalehealing.com Her book "Spirit Baby" is available for sale on Amazon.

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