Friends: A Cat and Mouse Tale, by Sandra Wilson

When I was a teenager I would write poetry to help me get out my feelings, needless to say through my teen years, I wrote a lot of poems! But they were not all full of angst, some were full of love. One in particular was a story about friendship that I wrote as a gift to my friend Christine. This friend has been with me through the good times, and the bad; through the bullying and the fun. This was a friend who showed me what love really was. I made the poem into a little storybook for her complete with self-drawn pictures. When I first wrote Friends: A Cat and Mouse Tale, Christine and I were 14 years old. Fast forward thirty-five years and now I am a published author. Christine is still a very good friend of mine and I felt it was time that this first book to be introduced to the world. The story stayed the same but this time I commissioned ten year old Kimmy to draw the illustrations. It is important to me to share this writing journey, especially with children, and so I often have children illustrate my books. Thanks to One Thousand Trees the book was ready to send to the printers. It is a cute rhyming story about Christopher Mouse and Trish the Cat. It is simple enough for children who are learning to read but its lesson of friendship is universal. My mother has used the story of Christopher Mouse for years to teach young children about friendship. She decided to knit a bunch of stuffed mice so one could go out with each book. And so, with printed books, knitted mice, the illustrator and the inspiration, we all got together to celebrate on the perfect date – Christine’s birthday.

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