Growing Up Nourished, by Krista Harrison

This book is truly a reflection of the passion I have to create healthy meals for our children. The concept for this cookbook was ignited by my picky eater. Many a meals have ended in or have been interrupted by “discussions” regarding the food at the table. It was within the struggles of trying to engage my daughter in various foods I became aware - wisdom was uncovered, compassion expanded within me and my knowledge grew. Teaching children about the world we live in and the food available to us is extremely important and I wanted to be able to engage children and parents in this cookbook. When children under-stand the beauty of food, where it comes from and how to prepare it, perspectives change and they start to appreciate food not just for filling their tummies, but the nutrients and power that are within each ingredient. This book is filled with nutritional facts and website links to allow children (and parents) to explore food and its amazing potential for healing our bodies. Once you have the knowledge, you can start to integrate strategies and food choices that will nourish rather than deplete your body.

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