Angelic Awakenings, by Jill Michelle

When I was a young girl I often heard the voices of angels speaking to me. If I was feeling sad, they would tell me funny stories to cheer me up. If I was afraid, they would reassure me, and help me to know that I was safe. If I was upset, they would comfort me. I heard from the angels whenever they decided to speak to me. During my teenage years because of an influx of negative energy from varying events in my life, I became increasingly unable to hear the angels. The negativity I had absorbed blocked the delicate angelic voices from my awareness. Soon, I was living a life without the audible intelligence of the angels, having forgotten that they ever existed. Many years later, I was reawakened to the angelic realm when I was saved from a life-threatening accident by a powerful, love-filled, invisible force that pulled me out of harm’s way. Immediately, I remembered about the angels, and how they used to speak to me! I made an intention to reconnect with my angels and open the communi-cation channels again. This time though, I wanted the additional ability to initiate conversations with them. It took much longer, and I spent much more time and energy than I ever imagined, but nevertheless, it was absolutely worth it. I took meditation classes, read everything spiritual that I could get my hands on, went on nature walks, learned automatic writing and much more. For years I worked hard to reconnect with the angels. Ultimately, I learned how to communicate with the angels at my will. I became the student and they were my teachers. There was nothing that I could ask that they couldn’t answer. It was exhilarating to be on board with the angels again. I learned an astounding amount of information, gained volumes of knowledge and eventually was able to tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe. When I became clear enough to hear the angels without hindrance, I started to do angel readings for people. I would contact their angels and channel helpful information from them to the client. Their angels would answer any questions the client asked. My angels then added angel healings to the program and the readings have grown in scope ever since. They guided me to hold workshops which helped people to communicate with their angels, and to do presentations for the same purpose. The angels were very excited when they asked me to channel-write a book that would teach readers how to communicate with their own angels. Randomly, they would say to me, “Incoming information. Go to your computer now!” Every time I complied, and keyed in their channellings and gradually the book took form. They channelled many chapters that contained important information that was necessary for angel communication. The archangels channelled exercises, meditations and visualizations to enhance the learning and implementation of the information. It was very exciting to hear what the information-of-the-day was, and to learn so much from these magnificent light-beings. I felt very blessed that I was able to do this important and life-changing work. With help from the angels, I wrote the first half of the book about my experience with the angels, written so that the reader can identify with the stories and relate them to their life and recognize their own angelic experiences. Included are methods that I developed and used to enhance my ability to speak to the angels and develop enlightenment and stories about how the angels helped me to stay sane and as peaceful as possible through challenging times. Some commonly experienced accounts from clients’ readings were incorporated because these examples were important for people to learn from, understand and use in their own lives. Also included are chapters on Animal Communication, House Clearings, Connection to Mother Earth, Surrender, Healings, Creation of Our Earth Journey and the Power of Visualization. My primary purpose for writing “Angelic Awakenings” is to bring love, peace, joy and hope to all who read it, and to facilitate communication with angels. Throughout the book there are channellings from Holy Spirit that bring new understanding to essential concepts and how they are connected to each other. Here is an example. “Forgiveness goes hand in hand with unconditional love. You can’t have one without the other. Positivity allows for non-judgment, which allows forgive-ness. Forgiveness is the key to opening the heart which then brings forth peace and tranquillity. Peace promotes love and living in a state of love, which transcends into joy. Joy develops into bliss which is Oneness with Creator and the entire universe. These are the elements which create within yourself the vibratory essence to heal yourself of all your ailments physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.” The second half of the book, the Companion Workbook, was channelled to me from the angels, archangels and Holy Spirit, and contains chapters that explain vital concepts for angel communication such as: Clearing and Replenishing, Accepting What Is, The Ego versus the Soul, Forgiveness & Non-Judgement, Freedom and Non-Attachment, Relationships, Grate- fulness, Humility and Peace, Present Moment, Oneness, Divine Mother, and more. The chapters include channelled meditations and visualizations that help to bring these concepts into your consciousness, attitude, perception and interactions. The angels’ purpose for me writing this book is to spread the words, intentions and vibrations of the angelic realm to as many people as possible. The sooner the majority of the population on Earth has the intention to move forward on their spiritual path, the sooner Earth will journey to become a Heavenly place to live. We can truly create Heaven on Earth in our homes, and then spread it far and wide to cover the whole Earth, generating peace, love and joy to all. Excerpt from “Angelic Awakenings” The angels then encouraged me to create a companion “Angelic Awakenings Meditation CD” to enhance the experience of the meditations. It was released last November. I have heard testimonials from many people who say the book and especially the meditations have helped them immensely. Many of them say the book has helped them to release fear and anxiety, improve their relationships, deal with life-challenges with more ease and peace, and live a more abundant, hopeful and joyful life. Everyone deserves to feel this good! To order your copy of “Angelic Awakenings” paperback, e-book and Meditations CD, please visit my website. Author, Angel Reader, Workshop Facilitator, Intuitive Life Coach Facebook: JillMichelleAngelReader, Twitter: @WingsJill

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