We Drank Wine, by Marion Reidel

I am a secondary school teacher, on the brink of retirement, who has taken up writing fiction as a means of reinventing myself. I am very excited about the fact that my first collection of short stories is now available on Amazon. The stories in “We Drank Wine” feature women you will recognize. Four women lean on each other’s friendship as they face spousal betrayal, parenting dilemmas and social challenges. As they work through life’s challenges, they share a glass of wine. My characters and situations are an amalgamation of experience and observation. My writing skills and techniques have been accumulated throughout a diverse employment path that included journalism, creating marketing materials, promoting not-for-profit organizations, as well as education. I feel that the short story format is ideal for busy individuals, and my “linked” approach, in which characters repeat, is like a novel offered up in bite-sized installments. My goal, through these fictionalized tales, was to entertain my readers, but also to investigate contemporary issues such self-awareness and battling shame. I hope they will speak to you.

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