Cat Can Cook Vegetarian, by Catherine Robertson

I care very deeply about our world. I value our water, our air, and our fellow human beings, but most of all, I love animals. For me, being a vegetarian is extremely important. When I wrote my first cookbook our family was still eating meat, but I wanted to return to the vegetarian diet I enjoyed throughout my youth. When we got our backyard laying hens, our young son would no longer eat poultry, and before long the whole family was eating a vegetarian diet. I’ve not regretted this lifestyle for one second. As well as the ethical perspective, there are numerous other benefits to going vegetarian. According to conservationists, vegetarianism is the single most impactful thing we can do for our world as it saves our valuable natural resources. Vegetarians are healthier than the average North American, statistically enjoying a longer life, and less disease. Additionally, eating less meat is very cost-effective, saving hundreds of dollars a year in groceries. We eat eggs, favouring the ones from our own backyard flock. We drink and eat dairy products, but we try to do so in moderation, substituting with almond, soy or coconut milk when possible. Since cooking is one of my passions, being able to make vegetarian meals for my family has been relatively simple and very enjoyable. The aim of this cookbook is to show people that vegetarianism doesn’t mean giving up the foods they love. Our family enjoys delicious “normal” meals that don’t have “weird” ingredients. My book is about wholesome and delicious foods that are satisfying and easy to prepare. This is the second version of my cookbook, which was originally published in 2009. In this new version, all meat recipes have been removed or modified to be vegetarian. The new book contains most of the remaining recipes plus many new ones – 150 in total, to be precise. I hope you will feel great about your commitment to healthier food choices. Even a few meatless meals a week makes a huge impact! Give it a try. Catherine’s book is available through her website :

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