The Women in the Moon, by Peggy Dietrich

While on a holiday last February as I was walking the beach one evening,

I was thinking about the movements that women were engaging in all over the world. When I looked up at the moon, shining in the night sky, it occurred to me that all of the other women could see this same bright moon – especially my granddaughters at home in Canada. Then my thoughts went to those feeling unloved or hurt or depressed, throughout the world, without anyone to help them; especially our young and vulnerable girls. I hoped that, maybe, if each girl could look up at this same moon and sense the caring thoughts and prayers of others around the world, they would have comfort and, maybe even empowerment, to overcome the issues around them. As my husband and I were driving home (and I remember the exact area we were passing in Atlanta) I quickly looked for any paper I could find and started writing the poem. I still have goosebumps when I think of that moment and how the inspiration overcame me. I so loved the simple message and wondered how I could get it to other women and girls. As I have always admired my granddaughter Ali’s drawings, I asked her if she would do the illustrations. As we read the poem and she interpreted each stanza as to what it meant to her, she quickly started drawing. I decided not to influence her as I wanted the book to reflect her innocence. I even asked her as she finished “Grandma” if that is how she saw me and she said, “No, she is a generic Grandma”! Finally each page came to life but who knew how hard it would be. I had great instructional help from some dear relatives and, after disappoint-ment with the first proof and recolouring the whole book, “The Women in the Moon” came into its own. I am so proud of this book and all of the people involved. I hope its message will reach those who need the comfort and joy it will bring. One of my favourite moments was when a little girl was paging through the book, saw the page with the young girl jumping and then started jumping herself. That’s a great start !! MY MESSAGE We, as women, can join together to form a healing community throughout the Earth. We just have to look up at the moon and believe in ourselves.

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