From The Heart, by Dennis Perrier

From the Heart was published by One Thousand Trees in August 2019. Following are some th

oughts from author Dennis Perrier, about this, his second book. Canadians, like most people who live in developed nations, are subject to distraction. Their priorities are not always getting them what they need. The leadership they are choosing is often more interested in maintaining its power than establishing a superior life quality that is sustainable. We must move from a shopping/car culture to one where we can call ourselves citizens. Out communities should be ripe with political and environmental activism that emphasizes sustainability. Our pursuit of continual growth has to be sacrificed, and replaced with such goals as jobs with a living wage, affordable housing, an inclusive, high quality public education system and a public health care system based on prevention. Media must get behind these goals. People too easily become preoccupied with amassing wealth, worshipping celebrity, continually smoothing their children’s struggles and taking their relationships for granted, and at the same time ignoring how their “leaders” are taking them in the wrong direction. We also have to be watchful that social justice and environmental safety are maintained. These are given up too easily. I am always reminded of how the CCF came to the rescue of so many who were suffering from the inhumanity of life in rural, depression era Saskatchewan during the 1930’s.

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