A Year with the Clairvoyant Coach, by Libby Pease

Let me start off with a statement about myself. I love stories! I love listening to stories and creating stories. I have even found employ-ment in fields that would allow me to hear and tell stories in many different forms. Back in grade school and high school I always enjoyed creative writing even with my horrible spelling an atrocious punctuation. It is ironic really since I have struggled with reading my entire life. The story behind why this book came about started 2 years ago. Most of the writing I had done in my adult years involved reports, manuals and policies and procedures. Riveting stuff! One of my cohorts had finished a book, started doing speaking tours, which I had hoped for myself, but never fully entertained as a reality. Then I attended a wellness fair as an exhibitor in Kitchener. The fair was not that well attended by the general public, so it turned into more of a networking opportunity for the exhibitors. There were so many amazing people there that day. One person stood out for me. Lady Shadow Raven is an end of life midwife, supporting individuals who have terminal conditions and their families. We hit it off right away. As many highly intuitive people, she utilizes tools like Oracle and other cards into her practice and she invited me to pick a card from any of the many decks at her booth. I chose the scribe card and immediately she asked me when I was going to start my book! That was the first time I actually considered writing and having my works published. Well, the thought was there, but fears started to well up for me. What would I write anyway? Who would even want to read what I wrote? Who would buy it? I let those fears stop me in my tracks. Last summer I had the opportunity to attend a business retreat in Figline, Italy. This is beautiful wine country in a small town with old cobbled streets and a sense of deep and ancient history that even Old Quebec City can’t compare to. The soil, the buildings and the landscape clamoured to let me know the stories and secrets of the centuries. It was like history was emerging around me and wanted me to know what had happened on those hills near the hedges of rosemary and bay bushes. I wish I had done more writing when I was there. Well, this retreat was life-changing on many different levels. I had spoken aloud for the first time to people who were not my family that I am clairvoyant and that I use this gift when it shows up in my coaching sessions. It was also when I found that I did have something to say and people wanted to hear more. You see I come from a family where I am used to being talked over and dismissed. That someone else’s conversation is more important. During one night at dinner where the wine and champagne were flowing generously, I was asked to relay just my work history from my first job to the present. What I thought was “humdrum” and “who cares about this link of work events anyway”, the others in the dinner party thought was interesting and intriguing. This gave me a new perspective and inspiration. Since 2011 I had been involved with the Open Mind committee which is a group of ladies who come from local mental health organizations or had worked in the field of health. At that time, I was the Volunteer and Community Coordinator with Community Torchlight – Distress Centre Wellington Dufferin. Others on the committee came from the Canadian Mental Health Association, Homewood Health, a retired public health nurse director and myself. The committee was about presenting articles to the general public that promoted mental wellness, helped reduce the stigma of mental health and shared stories of lived experience with mental health. It was there that one of my first articles was published in the local paper called the Advertiser. This was the first time as an adult that I had a creative outlet for my writing that didn’t involve reports or manuals. Since then I have had quite a few of my articles published in the paper. I am still part of this committee and we have added another member from the Alzheimer’s Society as well. My business coach, who was the leader on my business retreat suggested that for my first publishing experience that I compile articles that I had already written for Open Minds and for my website, then build a book around that. This was also the time that I had the courage to announce to the world that I was the Clairvoyant Coach. Basically, coming out the woo-woo closet. What a great opportunity to bring both of those elements together. Hence, A Year With the Clairvoyant Coach was born. About 4 articles were specifically written just for this book and are not published or presented anywhere else. For those looking specifically for the ghosts and direct insights from the beyond, you will be more satisfied with my next book coming out in the next year or so. However, there is always nuggets of wisdom that are from beyond in anything I write and you will know that it is the right nugget for you when you read it and it hits a cord. Another element that I love about this book is that you can choose to read it in any way you want. You could read it cover to cover. You could read one section per month along with the corresponding month of the year that you are in. You could randomly open it to a section and read from there or take another route that is authentically your own. Just like those Make Your Own Adventure books from the 80’s, the choice is yours. My desire is to leave an impression with my words that encourages you to live fully and authentically.

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