A Diet That Works For Me, by Amanda Gazzola

I wrote this book because I wanted to be a voice for women who never thought that they were special. I wanted to let them know that, even though they may never have stood up in class yelling out the answers, or they were the last to be chosen in class, none of this matters in life.

When I started my weight loss journey I would have never imagined what it would escalate to. All I wanted to do was lose weight, and in the journey I just did was I was told. The magic in this is that I was open to doing what it took, and I learned from my mistakes.

There was no magic secret or magic pill to what the next 10+ years of what it would look or feel like, but I think it is good to not forecast too much as it can be overwhelming. As many women can no doubt relate to, often our to-do list can get a little out of hand!

This book was meant to be written for the woman who is looking for a lifelong goal and not just a 10-day diet cleanse. You see, I used to believe in quick fixes but I do not anymore. I believe in long-term results in all aspects of our life. Everything should blend in together so that we can maintain some sense of balance, which involves doing things that make us happy. Family, work, personal goals, believing in yourself, and giving back are what makes the world go round, which in turn makes you feel more purposeful and fulfilled.

Long-term results take time and patience. Things will always come up in life, which is why it is good to start slow. Long-term results are not a sprint. It is a marathon and takes persistence, discipline and self-awareness.

Self-awareness is basically auditing yourself and checking in with yourself constantly throughout the day. So for instance, if you are getting up in the morning: How do you feel? What does your day look like? How do you want to feel with that? After you have a meeting or call with someone: How do you feel? When you go to the gym: How do you feel after? After you eat: How do you feel?

I suggest, if you are digging deep inside, that you be very gentle with the process, and write things down as they come up. The more you can learn, the better things will be for you in the future. Self-care can be, and feel, unbeautiful. It’s more than just getting a pedicure or massage. There is a deeper level and connection to your mind and body, and this may cause you to be constantly assessing yourself and asking what it is that you need to feel better.

I grew up not knowing how to connect with myself because I always felt behind and left out. I felt like there was never time to figure it out, and that I should always just know the answer. I felt unworthy, and feared that when I grew up no guy would ever want me because I was not pretty or smart like the other girls.

Weight loss provides just a glimpse of what transformation can really look like. My journey started off with just wanting to shed a few pounds because I thought that would make me feel more confident. That did happen, for a short time. Then I found out from there that the transformation was only beginning!

“A Diet That Works For Me” is available on www.amazon.ca.

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